Lubricant monitoring enables reliability improvement A well-planned and correctly monitored lubrication regime provides the foundation for reliable machinery operation. “KlüberMonitor” is the support tool for monitoring each tribological system, like each bearing, chain, compressor or gearbox. Snapshot, how does this monitoring process work?

Based on experience, our specialists analyse your oils, greases and lubricated components to determine whether the lubricant can continue to be used or whether replacement is necessary due to contamination or for other reasons. This rapid service is provided through standardized test data compiled within specialist laboratory reports and related to the application.

Expert advice based on trend analyses Based on long-term observation of lubrication points our chemistry, lubrication and application engineering experts are able to provide high-level recommendations by using their complete scope of analytical possibilities. A detailed analysis of this type can show machine condition, achieving the lubricant design lifetime with reduced risk of unplanned maintenance downtime. This may also support a better understanding of analysis and sensor data.

We are channel partner of Klueber Lubrication and BWF Envirotec , and dealers of various products i.e. Lubricating equipments, LED lights, Instrumentation flow meters, pressure gauges, Chemicals, adhesives, Pumps , valves, speciality electrodes, spares etc.

Analyses of extreme situations

These trend analyses allow to select test rigs showing the same lubricant behaviour as in your applications. Through our extensive suite of test equipment we can further investigate lubricant behaviour in extreme situations, simulating your applications,

e.g. at high temperatures, without posing a risk to your equipment or processes. We offer the combination of professional surface and material analysis combined with comprehensive recommendations for optimising your tribological systems.

Our tribology experts offer technical consulting advice and lubrication recommendations to contribute to operational safety and to save you considerable costs. Trainings on specified topics enable your experts to develop tribological systems for long-term efficiency.