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OKS Specialty products

For over 35 years, OKS brand with its high performing products for reducing friction, wear and corrosion has been in the forefront in ensuring that your machines and systems are operating efficiently even under the most demanding circumstances.

OKS Speciality Lubricants have a range of Products to ensure that your machines are smoothly running. The range includes
Pastes for easy assembly and dismantling
Oils with high-performance additives for reliable lubrication
Greases for long-term lubrication under critical operation conditions
Dry lubricants – the alternative for special application cases
Corrosion Protection for reliable preservation during storage and shipping
Maintenance products for ongoing service
Lubrication Devices - solutions for continuous use in industry

The high quality products, developed by the research and development team, both in India at Mysore and at the corporate location of Maisach, Germany are produced according strict quality requirements. With their modern logistics centre and wide network of people in India and around the globe, they are able to reach you wherever you are.

OKS Speciality lubricants rely on competent sales partners in the technical trade since they understand precisely the needs off their local customers. Only selected retailers carry the OKS product range. OKS sales partners are supported worldwide with an extensive training so that they can offer a qualified technical support service.

OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH, Germany, is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of speciality lubricants and is reputed for the high quality of its products and service.

OKS has a range of products designed to solve a wide range of industrial problems in tribology (friction, wear, lubrication), corrosion protection and maintenance.

OKS follows a unique and comprehensive systems approach to meet your lubrication and corrosion protection needs. We will diagnose your problems and recommend solutions that will result in significant cost savings.

The OKS range of Maintenance products consists of convenience products. Whatever your need, there is an OKS product available.

From Rust Looseners to Cleaners and Degreasers to Electrical Contact Cleaners to Belt Dressing to Chain Lubrication, OKS has a product for every need. Available in easy to use aerosol cans, these products reduce your down time and increase productivity.

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion is a constant indiscriminate and costly enemy of metal parts. Traditional anti-corrosion methods – most typically rust preventive oils are messy, involve a major cleaning and degreasing effort before and after use. Too often they can be ineffective as well.

OKS Range of Products

The OKS range of products are extremely easy to use and cover a wide range of applications. Products ranging from anti-corrosion coatings to heavy duty cleaners and degreasers.

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