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Klüber Lubricants for the cement industry

Klüber Lubrication - Open Gear Lubrication

Careful running-in and regular inspections of open gears enhance the reliability of the production process in this tough environment, safeguarding your investment for the future. In addition to lubricants, Klüber Lubrication offers its comprehensive KlüberEfficiencySupport for this industry.

Open Girth Gear

The trouble-free running of large open gear drives requires not only the best possible lubricant but also detailed inspections of the drive unit by experienced personnel. Only in this way is it possible to achieve a long, trouble-free service life for the gears.

The service engineers carry out regular inspections throughout the whole service life of the drive units. They make written notes of the general operational status, ascertain the amount of wear on the tooth flanks, check the spray lubrication and, if necessary, adjust it. In addition the service engineer carries out numerous measurements (vibrations, flank temperature etc.). He makes his know-how available even in cases of actual damage, while supporting the plant operator in determining the cause, in undertaking repairs, which, if needs be, he even carries out himself and subsequently in re-commissioning, which, depending on the damage symptoms, can equate to running in again.